Recurring subscriptions
When is payment taken for recurring subscriptions?

The payment for your first order will be taken at the time of checkout. We’ll then take payment each Friday at your chosen interval (weekly, every two weeks, monthly). There is a six day buffer in place, so when you pay for your first order the second payment won’t be taken any sooner than six days later.

When will my granola be delivered?

We ship subscription orders every Tuesday and they take 2-3 working days to arrive in the post.

How do I change details of my order e.g flavours, frequency, shipping details?

First up, you’ll need to create a customer account, using the same email address that you used when you placed your order. Please note an account isn't created for you automatically when you place your order.

If you haven’t already done so, create your account here. Once logged in, select 'MANAGE SUBSCRIPTION' on the right hand side of the page.

Can I pause, skip or cancel my recurring subscription?

Of course! We’re not in the business of tying gangsters down. If you’re going away or not quite ready for your next order head over to your manage subscription page, select the subscription you’d like to manage and pick the action you’d like to take from the drop-down menu.

When can I change the details on my account?

If you have a recurring subscription (rather than a gift subscription) you can do this at any time via your manage subscription page except for a short three day period before we ship orders on Tuesdays. If you wish to change details on an upcoming order please do this no later than the Saturday beforehand. We’ll also send you an email to remind you to jump in and make any last minute changes before we ship your order.

What happens when a limited edition flavour is released?

Subscribers will have first dibs on limited edition flavours, before they are made available to everyone else. We’ll let you know when a new flavour drops. You can then go to your manage subscription page:

  1. Select your subscription; 
  2. Select ‘manage’; 
  3. ‘Pick your selections’ for the next order;
  4. The limited edition flavour will be available as an option.

We only release a limited amount of each new flavour so be quick and make the most of your VIP status before we add the flavour to our shop for one-off purchase.

How many serves per order?

Each 250g bag contains approximately five servings of granola. Let's do the math – 3 x 250g bags works out to about 15 badass breakfasts! 

Gift subscriptions
What if I’d like to purchase a gift subscription?

Do it! You’ll be sure to secure a homie for life. Our gift subscription runs for three months and is paid in full, upfront. The lucky gangster will receive three bags (you choose the flavour) once a month for three months, plus a G snapback cap with their first order.

As the gift giver, you will hold the customer account. You can go in and change order details for them if you wish. For example, if they would like their granola delivered to a new address. Please note an account isn't created for you automatically when you place your order. If you haven’t already done so, create your account here.

We’ll be in touch to let you know when their order ships each month and we’ll also let you know when the subscription is about to end. We’ll help you point them in the right direction if they’d like to sign up for their own recurring order after that.

All email communication will be with you as the gift giver, so don’t worry, we won’t blow the surprise!

When is payment taken for gift subscriptions?

Payment for the three month gift subscription will be taken in full at the time of check out.

When will the granola be delivered?

Gift subscriptions are posted on the first Tuesday of each month for three months. As the gift giver you can choose (at the point of purchase) to have the first order sent out within two business days or wait until the first Tuesday of the next month.

Can I pause, skip or cancel a gift subscription?

As the gift giver you can skip a delivery for your homie if they're going away or not quite ready for their next granola drop. Head to your manage subscription page, select the subscription you’d like to manage and pick the action you’d like to take from the drop-down menu.

Gift subscriptions are pre-paid, so you’re unable to cancel these.

How are items in the shop different to subscriptions?

Items in the shop are available to buy on a one-off basis. If you’d like to try out just one bag or purchase a piece of G merch, go right ahead. If you’d like your granola on tap (I mean, who wouldn’t) then our granola subscription is for you.

How is Granola for Gangsters different?

Not only is our granola handmade and baked with attitude, we use 100% natural ingredients. You can expect a high ratio of chunky nuts, seeds, fruit and coconut… more than your average granola. Refined sugar has no business in your breakfast bowl so we sweeten our granola with what comes naturally – a little coconut sugar and juicy dried fruit. Don’t just take our word for it: G was awarded two Great Taste Award stars by the Guild of Fine Food judges in 2017.

Am I Gangster enough?

Hell yes! You got to the bottom of our FAQ’s, didn't you?

If you've got any burning questions remaining, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us!