What's it all about, G?

Granola for Gangsters - The Whole Gange

All party. No bullsh*t.

Granola that tastes the bomb, kick-starts your day and adds style cred to your kitchen bench? Fo sho’!

For decades supermarket shelves have been lined with bland and sugar-laden granola options. Often parading as ‘healthy’ choices, many are full of whack ingredients like refined sugar and wheat. Not especially easy-on-the-eye, branding is typically yawn-worthy, much like the contents of the pack.

“I bounce out of bed for my bowl of granola”, said no-one, ever.

Not down with the shelf situation, Original Gangster Sarah Napier started making her own at home, freestyling with bold flavour combos and carefully tweaking ratios, sweetness and chunky good bits. Her previous life as a designer sparked a striking visual ID that would cut through the dull drone of the supermarket shelves.

The G-unit.

Breakfast world domination is a lot for one person to tackle, so Sarah teamed up with her peeps, her tight-knit crew of… well…family, to form a multi-skilled squad of food-loving criminals including sister-in-law, Mazz, brothers Ben and Christian and husband Carl. We’ve got your breakfast and snack time sorted so all you need to focus on is being totally badass.


Sarah and Mazz from Granola for Gangsters


Made by hand and baked with attitude.

Mass-produced, we are not. Granola for Gangsters is made by hand with positive vibes and a good dose of ‘tude by Sarah and a team of core gang members.

Ain’t nobody got time for sugar highs and lows! We scope out natural ingredients of the highest quality available and kick refined sugars and other nasties to the curb to serve up the most nutritious and delicious breakfast bowls.

Never thought we’d utter granola and delicious in the same sentence, but it’s the only way to describe Granola for Gangsters — Anneloes van Gaalen, Indie Brands  


So fresh and so clean.

While our three signature flava flaves are our #1 homies, we regularly drop limited edition flavours throughout the year. We love to indulge in a bit of flavour mixology to keep your tastebuds on their toes. Expect the unexpected… did someone say Bacon, Maple and Banana? You can check out our previous limited edition flavours here.

We team up with the hottest designers in the hood with limited edition label designs to please your peepers, making them a collector’s item you gotta get your mitts on and your mouth around.

Our limited editions flavours don’t hang around for long so make sure you ‘Join the Gang’ and you’ll be the first to know when we’re cooking up something new. 


Granola for Gangsters | Limited Edition label designs

I got 99 problems but breakfast ain’t one.

When Granola for Gangsters is in the house, you’ll bounce out of bed excited to tuck into your badass breakfast. First meal of the day done right. Wake up and shake up!

So you’re pickin’ up what we’re puttin’ down and we’ve left you with a hunger bigger than your standard cereal can satisfy, right?! It’s time to head to our shop, select your flave and get your bag of G delivered straight to your door.

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