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Granola for Gangsters stopped trading in the UK and EU in August, 2018. It was a crazy ride on the granola-coaster but now it’s time to jump off and make space for new adventures. Thanks to all who supported 'G' along the way. 
Peace, love and badass breakfasts – The 'G' Team.



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Gangsters don't have time to mess around, especially in the morning! Starting on a high with a tasty breakfast sets you up to dominate the day.


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Say hell no to boring breakfast! The first meal of the day should be delicious, nutritious and worth waking up for. We hit up the finest ingredients possible to make sure your bowl of G is damn delicious. 


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A morning ritual involving a go-to breakfast means saving brain power for later on - a common secret held by life’s dominators. With G in the house, breakfast is taken care of so you can focus on being badass.

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"Granola for Gangsters is fuelling my cycling habit and weekends are BIG rides!"

David Greenfield @mr_greenfield

"I get far too excited than I should admit about my Granola for Gangsters deliveries!"

Katarina Wienmeyer @katarinawienmeyer

"We never thought we'd utter granola and delicious in the same sentence but it's the only way to describe Granola for Gangsters."

Anneloes van Gaalen, Indie Brands

"Impressive looking granola with lots of whole nuts and fruit. A great start to the day."

Great Taste Award Judges, 2017

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